Cars and Girls

Every girl is looking for that something different to make their car their own. By adding the trendiest and funkiest accessories any young girl can be proud of their car and make a fashion statement that stands out from the crowd. Gone are the days when only the men spruce up their cars, girls are now getting in on the act and creatively matching their cars with the latest and fashionable accessories.

Here's a list of popular car accessories that you can mix and match to suit any interior color scheme or style:

    Fluffy Dice for rear vision mirrors
    Hub caps
    Petrol caps
    Gear sticks
    Gear stick caps
    Seat covers
    Steering Wheel Covers
    Head Rest Cushions
    Car Cushions
    Seat Belt Covers
    Rear Window Sun Shade Covers
    Floor mats
    Window stickers
    Licence plates
    Licence plate surrounds
    Mud flaps
    Car wash sets
    Car tool sets
    Foot pumps
    Interior Blankets
    Battery chargers
    Exhaust trims
    Head rest cushions
    Wheel locking nuts
    Valve caps
    Car wash sponges
    Car organizers
    Jump leads
    Spare Tyre Covers
    Car cell phone chargers
    Litter Bags

Popular brands for many girls are: Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Tinkerbell, Jasmine Becket, Marilyn Monroe, Pink Zebra, Snow Leopard, or Gold Tiger.

Apart from the big items like seat covers and floor mats, most car accessories are affordable and make great gifts for any girl, the most extensive range is available at online stores. Of course this is not the full list, many more accessories can be found to express your personality and be totally chic.