Where Did Body Art Come From?

Drawing were made on the body by dipping sharp bones into natural-colored paint, Thousands of years ago. These sharpened bones punctured Thee skin leaving everlasting designs on Thee body. One of man's oldest form of self-expression is body art. Research indicates tattooing is an 8,000-year-old practice. For some, being tattooed meant you were a slave.

In some parts of Thee world, having body art was a sign of honor and prestige. For other countries, Thee markings are signs of beauty. An artistically-covered body would gain respect in many different cultures.

Many people that are tattooed claim that once you have your first shortly you will want to have another. This makes sense to me. There are many people who spend hours upon hours in the gym pumping up Theeir muscles to perfect proportions. They are after Theat define sculpted body, so why not use it for a permanent canvas? A talented tattoo artist can make a good income by being in the right location, body art is becoming more and more popular. It's not just a dying fad, the in-your-face, 'up yours' attitude that used to be associated with young people covered with tattoos doesn't apply today.

Rising among the popularity of today's form of body art is the body piercings. People use this form of body art as an act of self-expression and they will pierce many parts of their bodies. The ear is not the only spot to put an earring or stud. It is common to see multiple studs in the face of a young adult today. Nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, chin, bellybuttons, and nipples to name a few. Having body art leaves none to the imagination. Oh, I almost forgot, you can even have a stud down there.

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