Muhammad Saad al-Beshi,Once a day 10 Head Cut Man

Muhammad Saad al-Beshi,Once a day 10 Head Cut Man-Qisas punishment became a byword as the sad news TKI Ruyati Satubi bint who underwent one of the forms of punishment in Islam, because of rumored mother convicted of killing her employer. Broadly,the public already knew much of Qisas.Eye to eye or blood to blood the English term. Lost lives? Yes countered lives.

Muhammad Saad al-Beshi

Too few who know the story of life and the lives of the executor qisas.A ballad of life butchers qisas revealed to the public is the story of Muhammad Saad al-Beshi.
In Saudi Arabia,Beshi name quite famous. Understandably, the man who is now aged about 50 years is a reliable executor who was hired specifically by the government of Saudi Arabia. Beshi, who was recruited to be the executor since 1998, said they were proud with his work.

It's not intimidating to him although they had to run the command to behead the prisoners to death, not least women. Though personally, al-Beshi is a private non-violence against women.

"I was opposed to violence against women. However, if all the commands (beheading) comes from the Lord, I have to carry it out. I'm proud to do the work for the Lord, "said Beshi as quoted by the daily Arab News.

Under Islamic law in force in Saudi Arabia, capital punishment is imposed for a murderer, rapist, drug smugglers, armed robbery and drug users.

Besides requested beheading prisoners, not infrequently Beshi also asked women prisoners shot dead. "It all depends on demand. Sometimes they told me to use a sword, sometimes also with a firearm. However, sometimes I wear a sword, "he said.

When interviewed, Beshi worked as an executor in Taif prison. Among their duties there, he should be handcuffed and blind eye prisoners facing the death penalty. Ever, the day he cut off the head 10 death row inmates.

No matter how mentally strong Beshi, yet he admits that when it first became executor in Jeddah, he was very nervous. The reason, many people who witnessed the execution. However, now Beshi been able to overcome "stage fright"

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