Indonesian,Government Urged to Close Access to Download Music Illegally

Digital music industry in Indonesia urged the government,especially the Ministry of Communications and Informatics,in order to help combat piracy songs with close access to sites that provide music downloads illegally.
"Do not dare to fight against pornographic content on the internet, we also need to be protected. Indonesian digital music industry will be on the verge of collapse and destruction if left unchecked illegal music downloads," complained a senior musician Sam Bimbo at the Epicenter, Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 6 / 2011).

Bimbo with fellow musicians and content providers who are members of campaign,recently met Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring. They asked the ministers to the music industry was rescued from destruction.
A spokesman for, M Gopal Utiarrachman explained, from the data summarized it, the digital music industry Indonesia has reached a nadir because of continued erosion of downloading illegal music piracy.

"Throughout 2010, legal music that you download reaches 15,395,192 with a value of Rp 48,761,420. Try to compare it with 2.85154 billion illegal downloads of songs, the loss is equivalent to Rp 12 trillion. Comparison between legal and illegal 1:99. music industry we are on the verge of collapse, "he explained.

According to Gopal, from 2.8 billion songs were downloaded from sites such as the majority,,, and many other sites.

"That's why we appealed to the Minister of Communication being encouraged to take concrete steps to block the illegal download sites like this rather than just close the site content is pornographic," he said.

Since 2004, the digital music industry in the world continue to skyrocket as the development trend of technology and the Internet. Based on the survey from Razorfish Feed Study & NPD Group, the world's digital music market grew over 1000% from 2004 to 2009 with revenue of U.S. $ 4.6 billion.

Unfortunately, digital music revenues continue to fall 31% due to piracy through illegal music downloads. Value continues to fall due at this time, 95% of digital music downloaded from the internet is not paid.

"From the data we have outlined, Indonesia also had a big hand in the piracy of digital music downloads, with the prediction P2P download 16% of the total 30 billion songs," says Gopal.

He also details, download the illegal activities in Indonesia could reach
237 628 333 per month, 7,920,944 per day, 330,039 per hour, 5501 per minute, or 92 per second.

"If this continues, when musicians in Indonesia can be developed. Frankly, I'm tired of having to go on indefinitely. It's 30 years of my dizholimi by piracy, and cook in the digital age remains unchanged condition," lamented Sam Bimbo the other musicians echoed in place.

Responding to complaints of musicians and music industry legal, e-Business Director of Communications and Informatics Azhar Hashim, expressed its support. "We've been lead to it. It is currently being discussed with relevant istansi and the producers and songwriters," in short through instant messaging.

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