HOT Photos Jupe (Jlia perez)Squeeze Ririn SetyariniI CHEST

In most roles played,the artist Ririn Setyarini always appear with sensual imagery. Not afraid of a negative impact in everyday life?Apparently not. Stars 'Goyang Karawang Souls' was admitted to not fear being labeled as a bad girl.
"Ya want how again,I've sustenance there.If people want to talk about what,I do not need to fear. Let the people closest to me and God knows I was like," he said in a conversation with detikhot in STC Senayan, Jakarta. born in Manado,March 23,1989 was admitted to not fear the scorn of society,because of bad image of the display of only the demands of the scenario was to play. But why always gets sexy roles that spoil the eyes of men?
Ririn confidently say,partly because of her sexiness and her breast size is somewhat large."Many say that. One of the advantages I did in the chest.Try to guess this size is how much?" bra size 36B owners challenged it with a laugh. a few women who claimed uncomfortable having a large breast size when it was still the age of adolescence. However Ririn are grateful,because thought the size of his chest is still within reasonable limits until now.

"I feel I'm big breasts,but still within reasonable limits. It is like people I see that her breasts Animashaun, I also do not like. If I'm not big-big,this hour," he said,laughing.
Although often appearing with sexy image,movie stars 'Setan Kok Beneran' it claimed had the support of parents.
"They knew that this child was acting and that certainly was looking for money. I did not play pornographic films, is still within reasonable limits. The parents I still support, 'explained.

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