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Besides famous for its beautiful beaches,Bali is also known to have a variety of arts and culture.Several museums in Bali to witness the development of the artwork. Anywhere?
IN the capital of Bali,Denpasar,Bali Museum was established there since 1910.Museum holds ancient relic to the Dutch colonial period.With the ticket price is only Rp 2,000 only,you can view the custom home fixtures Bali bali ceremonies,as well as sarcophagi.

Moving briefly from Denpasar Bali to where the artists gathered: Ubud.There are some museums like the Museum Rudana,which stores the works of renowned artists such as I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Gunarsa,Made Wianta,also works Basuki Abdullah and Affandi. Not only paintings, but other works of art such as sculpture and puppets can you find in the museum that was founded on the initiative of the late Ibu Tien Soeharto.

Not far from Rudana Museum, Neka Museum there is also adjacent to the Museum of Arma. Neka Museum is famous for its collection of keris making people more frequently call it by Keris Museum. While Arma Museum, is a museum that combines the museum with the resort. If by chance you come here with kids, you can try courses offered such as painting, gamelan and dance to children at no charge.

Still in the Ubud area, there is also the Museum Puri Ubud Painting. Was a passion Rudolf Bonet, Dutch artist who spent most of his life in Bali which is a forerunner to the establishment of this museum. Gait Rudolf Bonet in the world of Balinese art especially, no doubt dpat. Together with his friend, he founded the painting studios for their students and then works on display through the gallery or in place of another exhibition. Some works he is also a favorite
President Sukarno, like painting "Harvest" which is currently displayed at the Bogor Palace. In this museum there is also a cafe for visitors to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Next is the Museum Antonio Blanco. Situated on the River Campuhan hills with the cool air, the museum established on an area of ​​20,000 square meters is probably one of the most popular museums in Bali. With tickets costing Rp30.000 for local tourists and Rp 50,000 for foreign tourists, visitors can enjoy the paintings of Antonio Blanco's work is mostly themed women.

If it had been mentioned is a museum with a collection of traditional art, how art today?. Relax, Bali does have it all. Since childhood we are familiar with cartoons, but do you know how the history of cartoons in Indonesia? find the answer in the Museum of Cartoon Indonesia Bali or better known as the Museum of Cricket. Called Cricket Museum because the museum is located in front of the shirt factory and Balinese souvenirs branded cricket. Incidentally, the originator of both are the same person, Mr Cricket. Indonesia's first cartoon museum is in addition to functioning as a place where cartoonists Indonesia introduces his work as well as witness the history of cartoons in Indonesia. Here you will find caricatures of several world figures associated with the hot issues at the time. Each caricature leave messages either satire or a positive message. Please come and smiles to himself as seen ..

With the price of admission that the average is quite affordable and access to the location that is quite easy, there's no harm in entering the museum in Bali into your itinerary when visiting Bali. Perhaps, too, if impromptu, but make sure that you come when the museum opened, because not all museums are open daily for 24 hours. Cried too lho playful to the museum

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