Download Panda USB Vaccine Full Version-panda security 2012

Vaccine USB Panda Full Version is a free utility from Panda Research that works to prevent malware infection caused by the autorun feature on Windows operating systems.Once executed the user can select two types of vaccinations offered Vaccine USB Panda Full Version ie vaccination or vaccination Computer USB Drive.
With Vaccine USB Panda Full Version users can vaccinate their computers in order to shut down completely so there is no autorun programs from USB drive,CD or DVD regardless of whether previously vaccinated or not,which can operate automatically.This feature is really very helpful because so far there is no way an easy and user friendly to turn off autorun on a Windows computer.

Vaccine USB Panda Full Version can be used on USB drives individually to turn off the file autorun.inf in the drive it so as to prevent the infection from spreading malicious applications automatically into your computer.
Version Full Version Panda Vaccine USB features a USB drive support on NTFS, installers,automated vaccination (resident drivers - drivers are installed permanently),support for multiple languages and no repair problems

To download the Vaccine USB Panda Full Version please Clik:

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