Cupping treatment has been to build my body healthy Fresh Once

I try to do cupping therapy,which is one of the techniques of treatment as recommended by the prophet,by removing the dirty blood from the body.
Actually I was less interested in doing this, the reason for this I feel healthy and diligent exercise,but due to call my friends want to come try it eventually.

Me and my friend did on 45 Jalan Urip Sumoharjo Surakarta,in an Islamic clinic,for 15 minutes I felt a cramp in my back that the cup on the ninth point,then begin a process of making a way out of blood with a kind of ballpoint tool,cup mounted again to sucks the blood started coming out.
What a shock after the nurse who said that the bruise blood come out thick and solid black (dirty blood), all this time I feel cheated because I am still convinced that a healthy body, it turns out a lot of blood that is not supposed to be in the body.

It was true what was said by the prophet that we should routinely perform blood bruise so dirty that exist in our bodies can be removed so as to reduce the risk of such disease, stroke, heart disease,blockage of blood flow,diabetes, cholesterol and others.
Doctors at the clinic was also suggested that cupping can be done regularly once a month and still pay attention to a healthy lifestyle by eating not too much stress and thought patterns can be controlled.
I feel grateful,cupping I did before the disease affects my unsolicited.

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