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Fatahillah Museum was founded in 1707 by order of Governor-General Johan van Hoorn in the reign of the Netherlands.At that time this building serves as headquarters of the government.After Indonesian independence,the building was inaugurated as a museum with the name Fatahillah Museum in 1974.
Fatahillah Museum consists of one main building and two building wings in the east and west and one building that serves as offices, courtrooms and jail space underground.In front of the museum there is a courtyard that used to place hanging execution.

The main building has two floors.The ground floor contains a collection such as ceramics,pottery,inscriptions from the prehistoric era to the Dutch era. Upstairs there is a collection of relics of the Dutch furniture such as desks, chairs, beds, paintings. In addition there are also collections of Betawi culture such as old coins, and other rickshaws. A history of the city is also displayed in the form of photographs, drawings, maps and dioramas are quite informative.

One of the Museum Fatahillah who never overlooked by visitors is the underground room. Although famous haunted, in fact this place has a magnet for visitors. This underground room is a prison for the rebels VOC. The room is 130 cm tall to be a gathering place for hundreds of prisoners for months with limited food supply from the Dutch government. In addition there are also 31 meters long corridor with a width of 3 meters and 1.7 meters high which in addition serves as a bunker to save themselves also serve as a prison underground water.

Outside the museum building there is a Deity Statue of Hermes and robust Si cannon that became the object of favorite photos of visitors. According to Greek mythology statue of Hermes was the god of luck and protection for the merchants. This statue was located at the intersection of Harmony but has since moved to the Museum Fatahillah. As for the cannon The robust, many communities believe that facilitate transform and get offspring. This cannon had a 'partner' named Meriam Ki Amuk located in Banten.

Fatahillah Museum is also supported by several facilities such as libraries, parks, museum cafe, small mosque, as well as meeting rooms and exhibition. The library stores a collection of about 1200 is the oldest collection of books with a Bible in 1702

Realizing that Fatahillah Museum is one of the Dutch heritage that should be preserved, the manager of the museum with several parties to hold some interesting programs that the museum did not lose visitors. One way is to cooperate with the school for a visit to a museum in the holiday season. Travel packages also held a dinner tonight with the facility, tickets, tour guides, souvenirs and a chance to watch the movie past.

Besides ituMuseum Fatahillah also often used for a variety of creative and educational activities. Some time ago the City Government of Jakarta and the British Council held a screening of 3D movies with a video concept-mapping using the museum building as a projector. A fresh idea to promote the Museum Fatahillah among young people.

Not only that, the beauty of the architecture of the old city around the museum is also attracting the interest of the couple to serve as pre-wedding photo shoot location. Beautiful garden of 1000 meters at the Museum Fatahillah also often used for weddings.

In different packaging and exciting event was visiting the Museum Fatahillah no longer boring but it can be an event that entertain and educate. Read and read books in the library of the museum or participated Night Tour sounds interesting.

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