Body Art: What's Right For Me?

Ask anyone what "Body Art" is and you are likely to receive a variety of answers. The truth is that it means many things to many people. It could be an intricately designed tribal tattoo, a long trail of piercings to form a corset or a temporary body painting. Because of the large variety of artists and methods to create this unique art form, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of the what you are considering having done and researching everything that is available to you.

Things to keep in mind about body art:

1. Many methods of body art are permanent including tattoos, piercings and body modifications. Be absolutely sure you will be happy with this procedure 40 years down the road.

2. Do you have a job that will tolerate your form of body modification? Many companies now require a professional appearance including the removal of piercings and tattoos that can be covered. Don't risk losing your job for a modification that your company won't allow.

3. If the procedure you decide on requires healing, including piercings and tattoos, be sure to follow the advice of the person who performed the procedure. This typically includes minimal touching of the area, keeping the area clean and not wearing clothing that will rub up against it or irritate it. Keep an eye out for signs of infections including oozing, bleeding, pus or if the area feels hot to the touch.

4. Whatever form of body art you decide on, be sure that the studio performing it is reputable and trustworthy. When visiting the studio, the work areas should be clean and have good lighting for the artist to work with. All equipment used should be sterilized after each use and needles should be used once and then thrown away.

5. When choosing the artist to create your art, look for certifications from Alliance for Professional Tattooists (APT) or the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and of course always request to view previous work by the artist.

6. Consider forms of body art that are temporary such as henna tattoos. Since these are painted on, you also get to skip the pain involved with a tattoo.

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