basic bread recipe cane-typical bread india

basic bread recipe cane-typical bread india-It's delicious homemade bread, this time I want to share Cane Bread Recipe Bread Namely Ala India.
350 gr flour
1 tablespoon salt
200 cc warm water
250 gr butter / margarine melted

1. Mix the flour, salt with warm water.
2. After the average insert melted butter.
3. Knead until not sticky, divided into 20 sections,each rounded,let stand for 15 minutes ±, ± thick trimmed 1 / 2 cm.

4. Heat a little oil and spread with a flat pan to make martabak, bake dough that has been thinned on top, turning until cooked through (there are parts that become more brown). Lift.
5. Do it until the dough runs out.
6. Serve with curry curry

besides dough is formed like the above, can also be thinned and folded width as martabak, then baked

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