6 Best Cars Teenagers Should Buy in 2011

Taking a branded and stylish car to their first day in college is a dream of almost every teenager. It is always an exciting experience for a teenager to get their first car of their own choice. Although they want cool looking, exciting, branded and stylish car but at same time they want them to be low on milage and the one required low maintenance to keep the cost as low as possible.
Most importantly trend of stylish cars changing among teenagers every year. Here we are listining some cars teenager would like to buy in year 2011. We listed these cars according to their popularity among teenagers and some are due to their cost effective feature.

Ford Fiesta 2011

2011 ford fiesta
Ford Fiesta 2011 has been ranked 1 out of 33 most affordable cars according to experts reviews and consumers satisfaction. Ford Fiesta has set new benchmarks for affordable cars. Ford Fiesta debuted in 2010 and now this year in 2011 it is even more embraced by experts and consumers.
The 2011 Ford Fiesta is an all-new subcompact available in hatchback and sedan body styles. Available in wide range of colors ranging from the basic Tuxedo Black and Oxford White to the quirky Lime Squeeze, Yellow Blaze and Red Candy. 1.6litre with 4-cyl. Engine, available in both Manual and Automated transmission. Up to 28 cty/37 hwy mpg. Interior consists of mp3 player, side/curtain airbags, stability control and traction control. It is simple best choice of car a teensager should consider.

Mazda 2 2011

2011 mazda 2
The 2011 Mazda 2 is the best subcompact car for you if 2011 Ford Fiesta appeals to your automotive needs but not your brand consciousness. The stylish looking 2011 Mazda 2 is a fuel-sipping front-wheel-drive 4-door hatchback. The sole engine is a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder rated at 100 horsepower and 98 pound-feet of torque (torque is the motive force in acceleration, horsepower as the energy that sustains momentum). Available in both Manual and Automated transmission. Mazda comes with nice array of features like, AC and power windows with keyless entry, sunvisor vanity mirrors. Airbags. Cruise Control is exclusive added to the model.

Toyota Corolla 2011

2011 Toyota Corolla
Toyota has always been very popular brand for teenagers. Corolla consistently ranks among America’s top-selling cars because buyers trust it as a no-risk investment. 2011 Toyota Corrola is a revised in styling but is a part of a midcycle course correction. The 2011 Corolla retains the basic four-door body and underlying engineering it’s had since this 10th-generation design. Basically, some features previously exclusive to XLE and XLR filter into the 2011 LE and S models. Corolla moves into the 21st century by finally offering a USB iPod interface and Bluetooth hands-free mobile-phone connectivity. High fuel milage is always been Toyota’s major feature. The 2011 Toyota Corolla Base and S model are rated 28/35 mpg city/highway with the five-speed manual transmission.

Volkswagen Golf 2011

volkswagen golf 2011
2011 Volkswagen Golf ranked 2 out of 33 affordable small cars. The 2011 Volkswagen Golf has a powerful engines and a near-luxury cabin that is worth the Golf’s high price. The 2011 Golf also has a diesel option that gets great fuel economy. Diesel option for its great fuel economy and torquey engine makes it a great city car. Only thing is it is not price efficient as compare to other small cars like Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2. VW Golf 2010 was named the World Car of the Year and 2011 Model maintained the award winning reputation with its great performance on the road and upscale cabin that create a near-luxury feel. The 2-door and 4-door hatchbacks are available with a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine or in the TDI trim, which features a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Honda Civic 2011

Honda civic 2011
Honda Civic 2011 offers a winning combination of substance and style that make it an exceptional daily car. The Civic has staked its claim as a class leader and 2011 Civic wears that badge proudly. Experts have really embraced Honda Civic 2011 and regard the Civic for its good fuel economy, reliability and practicality. The Civic isn’t flawless. It offers strong reliability and practicality at an affordable price, but it is not that attractive when it comes to interior comfort, cargo capacity and fun exterior styling. Still, the Honda Civic is a great selection for college students who want a practical car that won’t cost a lot.

Ford Mustang 2011

ford mustang 2011
Ford Mustang is the right choice for the Teens who are looking for sporty, stylish and spacious car. It has legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine, 6-speed transmission with two choices i.e. manual and automatic that delivers sporty and smooth-shifting performance. Mustang is the cool blend of comfort style and state-of-the-art technology.